s c r o l l 

I made a quick Sketch-up Model of our hero house in Hollywood for our director to reference

The yard where I acquired the 30’ & 50’ banners.

and cut them in strips and moved the pieces around

once final idea selected, I printed the mock-up for build reference

because of the size I mocked-up the banners in photoshop

Our location, a loft in downtown LA, had gigantic walls, so the Production Designer asked me to source some discarded billboards that we could cut up and essentially make large, flat art work from.


SPREAD”  Katalyst Feature FIlm { coming out August 2009 }  starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche - Production Designer Cabot McMullen - Art Director Dins Danielsen

click here to view the animationSPREAD_2.html


Hero Samantha’s House - SKETCH-UP MODEL

BILLBOARD ART - Will’s Loft - final dimensions: 20’ x 40’

Les Trois Club


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